Changes to the Three Strikes Scheme and Licence Freeze in Sydney CBD and Kings Cross Precinct.

On the 24 May 2017 the NSW Minister for Racing, namely Paul Toole, announced the passing of new reforms to existing liquor laws.

The ‘Three Strikes’ scheme has been modified. Where as in the past a strike was attached to a venue, a strike will now be incurred by the licensee. This has been put forward as an attempt to rectify the issue of new owners not being able to remove the strikes of previous owners and operators, thereby being unfairly punished for breaches incurred by previous management.

Secondly, changes have been made to the licence freeze in Sydney CBD and the Kings Cross precinct, that now make it easier for licensees in these areas to refurbish their premises, and remodel their business to attract new and different customers.

The Minister stated these reforms, along with the previous reforms that allowed for the relaxation of trading hours for live entertainment venues and takeaway liquor stores, are to ensure the continuation of Sydney’s “safe and vibrant nightlife.”

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