Catering Licensees

The OLGR is concerned at increased detection of licensees operating catering licences inappropriately and not in accordance with their obligations under the 2007 Liquor Act (the Act).  A catering licence refers to an on-premises licence that has an approved business activity of providing a catering service.

A ‘catering service’ is defined under the Act as a “service for supplying food or liquor (or both) for consumption at a function, occasion or event”.   The OLGR has advised that a ‘function’ is defined to include weddings, parties, corporate events, arts events, marketing events and other similar occasions of a limited duration.  Consequently, a catering licence can only be lawfully exercised at a function, occasion or event that is of a limited duration and not, for example, exercised continuously at say a “pop-up” restaurant. The words occasion and event are not defined.

The OLGR’s Fact Sheet, outlining the provisions applicable to a catering licence, can be downloaded here.