Upcoming Seminar - Liquor and Gaming Law in NSW

WEDNESDAY, 4 MARCH 2015 2.00PM TO 5.15PM

The past year has seen significant and dramatic changes to regulations, licensing issues and enforcement practices in liquor and gaming. This seminar’s panel of experts, including regulators, will help you sort it all out so you can keep up with the latest developments and provide your clients with the best service possible.

Chair: Tony Schwartz, Partner, Back Schwartz Vaughan; Author, McDonald’s Licensing and Gaming Laws New South Wales

Keynote Address

Presented by Micheil Brodie, Chief Executive, Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority

Regulatory Approach: Engagement to Enforcement

Organisational snapshot & positioning

Policy and enforcement priorities

Key regulatory initiatives

Engagement & enforcement experience

Presented by Paul Newson, Executive Director, Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing

Key Cases, Legislative Changes and Trends from the Past Year

Analysis of the latest cases and decisions

Liquor Act changes and legislative update

Analysis of significant trends over the past year and the impact on your practice

Presented by Philip Clay SC, Barrister, Martin Place Chambers

Licensing Concerns in Buying and Selling a Business

Licence searches and documentation

Navigating the licence transfer process

Potential pitfalls and unforeseen hurdles

Special conditions

Presented by Christopher Thompson, Partner, Gwynne Thompson


A full copy of the LegalWise Seminar Program can be downloaded here.