Liquor Act Review

The response by the NSW Government to the statutory review of the Liquor and Gaming Administration legislation has been released.  

The majority of the 91 recommendations were either supported, are in place or will be implemented within a year.  Low-risk venues that usually close at midnight will be allowed to buy a package of 12 "late trades" a year, allowing them to open later for special events.  This also means venues that presently trade until 2am or 3am, paying $2,000 in annual licence fees, could drop back to a midnight close, paying an annual licence fee of only $500 and buying the extra trading hours.  Severe measures for licensed venues caught selling alcohol to minors are proposed.  A licence could be suspended for up to 28 days for a first offence, increasing to automatic licence cancellation for three breaches within a  12 month period.  Small wineries, distillers and craft brewers will pay a $200 annual fee instead of the current $500, in line with small bar fees.

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