Kogi Korean BBQ - Haymarket

Who doesn’t love a barbeque? Kogi Korean BBQ in Market City is now open and Back Schwartz Vaughan would like to offer its congratulations on obtaining their On-premises liquor Licence.

Kogi Korean BBQ is located in the new dining precinct within Market City in Haymarket. Curated by Executive Chef, Hang Jun Chung, who hails from Seoul, Hang Jun has honed his barbecuing skills over the past 35 years, the menu features an array of raw and marinated meats, fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables. You, your friends and family will have a memorable experience as you cook your favourite food paired with a tempting array of side dishes complemented with a beverage list which includes local and international beers, wine plus soft drinks. You will cook your food on unique grill plates which use hot charcoals and the latest technology to cook food faster, ensuring your meal is cooked to perfection. To find out further information, go to http://www.marketcity.com.au/kogi-korean-bbq-is-now-open/