The Meat and Wine Co – Parramatta

Back Schwartz Vaughan is pleased to announce that the Meat and Wine Co Parramatta has received a Restaurant Licence and Primary Service Authorisation from the NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority. Located in heart of Parramatta, the Meriton Suites Building on Church Street, The Meat and Wine Co has expanded its ever-growing catalogue of refined casual dining restaurants back into Sydney’s West after a brief hiatus.

The Meat and Wine Co is renowned for serving up the best quality meats with a wide range of premium beverages to cater to every taste. New and old customers of the Meat and Wine Co can expect the same flavour, quality of food and personable service at the new Parramatta location. The Primary Service Authorisation will allow The Meat and Wine Co Parramatta to serve its own range of cocktails to its guests, without requiring them to also enjoy a meal, plus of course an envious wine list alongside beers, ciders and spirits.

For more information on the menu, location and booking options check out Meat and Wine Co Parramatta’s website here