Music Festivals

The Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority will administer a special new liquor licence for “music festivals” under plans to improve safety at these events. A “music festival” is a music-focused event, often involving performances by multiple music artists and held at an entertainment venue (indoor or outdoor) where 2,000 or more attendees enjoy a range of music for anywhere between several hours and several days.

The NSW Government will implement this and other recommendations of the expert panel, which was convened to improve safety at music festivals.  A full copy of the report issued by the panel can be found here

The position at present is that liquor can be sold at music festivals in several ways, including through an on-premises licence.  An on-premises licence can be endorsed with a “sale on other premises authorisation” (Authorisation) that then allows the licensee to sell alcohol at an otherwise unlicensed site, as long as its approved business activity is maintained.  For example, an on-premises licence endorsed with an Authorisation, and an approved business activity of “caterer services”, can lawfully sell alcohol off-site with food at occasions, functions or events (subject to the requirement of giving notice of certain proposals to Liquor & Gaming NSW, local police and the local council for the area in which the event is to be held).  Limited licences have also been used in the past for special events.  As with an on-premises licence, the sale of alcohol must not be the special event’s primary purpose and there is a requirement to also give notice of the event to the above described bodies.

Further details can be found here