Do you require liquor delivered with your meal?

A NSW packaged liquor licence allows the sale of packaged liquor to the public.  Unlike a licensed hotel or restaurant, where the customer might consume alcohol at the venue, when exercising a packaged liquor licence the alcohol sold to the customer is consumed away from the licensed premises (except in circumstances where a small amount is allowed to be tasted at the licensed premises). 

Suitable business models for a packaged liquor licence are:-

  1. bottle shops;

  2. supermarkets or general stores with a retail space of over 240 square meters, selling packaged liquor; and

  3. online and mail order businesses where customers do not attend the licensed premises.

A Category A or B Community Impact Statement (CIS) accompanies the application to the NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (or the NSW Liquor, Gaming and Racing) for the issue of the packaged liquor licence.  Depending on your proposed business model the applicant is required to complete either a:-

  • Category A CIS: for online, mail order and telephone home delivery sales only.

  • Category B CIS: for bottle shops, supermarkets, and general store operators.

There is no doubt that the modern-day consumer embraces a variety of retail locations and formats to get exactly what they want and when they want it.  For retailers, this means they must stay one step ahead of consumer trends and adjust their business models accordingly.  For example, there is a strong demand in today’s market for convenient home delivered, ready to consume meals and liquor.  Many restaurateurs have adjusted their business models and not only offer home delivered cooked meals but as part of the same service they offer packaged liquor.

If you are a restaurateur that includes a take-away food service by home delivery, then the added benefit to you of having a packaged liquor licence attached to your business premises is that you can also offer your customers the convenience of alcohol delivered with their meal.  Alcohol sales are likely to boost your takings as there is a high-profit margin on their sale.  This in turn is likely to assist your business grow and prosper.


There are clear benefits to restaurateurs in extending their home delivery service to include liquor with meals.  This additional level of service to your customers can result in a significant financial and commercial advantage.

For your information, the title and possession of the liquor products are only transferred to the consumer at the point and time of delivery, because at that point if, for example, the customer was under-age or intoxicated, then the delivery must be refused.  We can assist you not only with the application for the packaged liquor licence but also the Terms of Use to promote this additional level of service to your customers. 

The team at Back Schwartz Vaughan are highly trained in packaged liquor licence Applications.  If you are interested in considering your options, then please do not hesitate to contact either Tony Schwartz, Therese Power or Monica Corazza.