Annual licence fees

From April 2015, every holder of a permanent  liquor licence will be required to pay an annual risk-based licence fee. The fee payable by each venue will be calculated using a risk-based model comprising:

  • base fees, plus
  • risk-based loadings that reflect the level of risk posed by a venue and its operation.

The scheme provides a financial incentive for licensees to reduce their venue’s risk profile. A licensee can reduce or surrender extended trading hours if they would like to either minimise or avoid paying the trading hours loading that applies if the venue trades after midnight. These changes must be approved by 15 March.

OLGR advises the 2015 key dates are as follows:-

  • 15 March:  OLGR will assess the licence fee payable for every individual venue.
  • Late April:  Fee notice sent to licensees.
  • 29 May:  Licence fee payment due.
  • 27 June:  Licence suspended if payment not made. Late fee applied.
  • 24 July:  Licence cancelled if fees unpaid.

Every licensee should ensure their contact details are correctly recorded at the OLGR, so that the fee notice is received.   Please visit the website: for further details.