Din Tai Fung – Broadway

Varakorn Jiramahapoka has recently had her application for an on-premises (restaurant) licence approved by the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority. The licence will allow the restaurant to serve liquor in association with the provision of a meal.

It was an enjoyable experience for all of us in the BSV team to assist Varakorn with her application and we are all really pleased by the outcome of this application. Din Tai Fung started from very humble beginnings as a market stall in Taipei almost forty five years ago. You can now find these delicious, signature dumplings in twelve countries across three continents. We are here to support businesses of all sizes and are passionate about providing quality advice that helps your business to grow.

To learn more about Din Tai Fung or to find the closest location to you, visit: https://www.dintaifung.com.au/.