No smoking in outdoor dining areas from 6 July 2015

The Smoke-free Environment Act 2000 makes a number of outdoor public places smoke-free in NSW. Key changes for the hospitality sector from 6 July 2015 include:

  • Commercial outdoor dining areas, including licensed premises, restaurants and cafés must be smoke-free;
  • Areas within four metres of a pedestrian entry to or exit from a licensed premises, restaurant or café must be smoke-free.

Owners of licensed premises and restaurants must ensure that adequate ‘no-smoking’ signage is displayed. This signage must meet the specific wording requirements as outlined in the Smoke-free Environment Regulation 2007.

It is important for venues and patrons to be aware of the new requirements to avoid on the spot fines for individuals and penalties for proprietors who do not comply with the Act. For more information please visit the website: or call the Tobacco Information Line on 1800 357 412.