Community Impact Statements Explained

In NSW a Community Impact Statement (CIS) is required for some liquor licence applications as well as some licence related authorisations (such as extended trading or primary service authorisations).

A properly prepared and carefully thought through CIS allows the NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (the Authority) to consider the likely impact of the proposal and gauge the level of community interest in it.

For the Authority to grant an application, that is required to be accompanied by a CIS, it must be satisfied (either through the CIS or other documents provided to it) that the overall social impact of the proposal will not be detrimental to the well-being of the local or broader community.

The CIS documents our office prepares identify the relevant impacts (which can be positive, neutral or negative), offer mitigation measures to address any negative aspects of the proposal, and overall assist with the application’s success. As to the level of community interest in a proposal, we uniquely address many of the consultation requirements of the CIS by directing individuals to our website where they can easily and quickly complete an on-line survey.

The experience of our team in preparing and lodging applications, where a social impact type assessment is required, is second to none.