Tony Schwartz


Director AND Lawyer

Tony heads our liquor licensing and gaming department. He is a recognised expert and specialist in this field in NSW. He is very ably assisted by our liquor licensing solicitor Monica Corazza and liquor licensing specialist Therese Power.

Tony’s legal experience comprises of almost 40 years in every facet of the liquor and gaming industry. He has authored the McDonald’s Licensing and Gaming Laws NSW textbook for over 27 years.

BSV lawyers are chosen by clients because we are very motivated, vastly experienced and get results.

This is due to our lengthy experience and recognised reputation of providing accurate, prompt, cost-effective and precise advice and importantly solutions to those in the liquor and hospitality industry.


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Tony holds a Bachelor of Law from the University of Sydney (1979). While he is a director and lawyer of Back Schwartz Vaughan, he is also the author (for the last 27 years) of the NSW textbook known as McDonald’s Licensing Laws and Gaming Laws. His authorship to this publication places him in a unique position where he is constantly across the changes in the legal and practical requirements for every type of business in the hospitality industry that provides liquor and ancillary services, such as gaming and registered club facilities. The service is available to and used by other solicitors, court officers and magistrates, the NSW police, and by staff at Liquor and Gaming NSW.

Tony’s clients give him difficult and complicated matters that require his expertise . These instructions can range from advising on the contractual issues for the sale or purchase of major licensed premises to acting for small restaurant and café style operators. He has significant expertise in advising on the licensing aspects of multi-venue sites and large-scale commercial and resort developments . He often acts for public and private companies providing specialist advice ,especially for those producing liquor or operating a significant number of licensed venues.

For example, Tony has continuously acted for Woolworths since 1996 and has been instrumental in assisting in the expansion of the Endeavour Drinks Group through their  BWS - Beer Wine Spirits and Dan Murphy’s bottleshops in NSW, which today stand strong at 418 stores. He regularly acts for licensed premises in prosecution matters involving the Department of LGNSW or the NSW Police from the initial investigation to its conclusion. 

Due to Tony’s unparalleled experience in liquor and gaming laws, he is considered an expert witness in proceedings involving their practice and procedure. He is also often called upon to provide lectures or host seminars on licensing and gaming law for other solicitors and others through the Young Lawyers of NSW, the NSW State Legal Conference, the Regional Law Society, Liquor Accords and to private industry conferences and groups.


  • All facets of liquor licensing applications and related aspects of transactions involving licences (his clients are both an applicant or an opposing submitter to a licensing application).

  • The preparation of community impact statements, social impact assessments, public interest assessments or local impact assessments. Tony’s experience in this area is second to none. He has been involved in or prepared upwards of 350 individual social impact type assessments that relate to the sale of liquor. These documents have covered a broad jurisdiction (including Western Australia) and have been lodged with local consent authorities (to support the issue of a planning approval) or the applicable Licensing Authority.

  • Investigations, complaints and prosecutions instigated by the Police or Liquor and Gaming.

  • Operational issues including compliance and regulatory matters, lease disputes, gaming machine entitlement issues, trading hour disputes, disputes involving restrictive conditions and the like matters. These are matters that are before either the local consent authority, Department of LGNSW or the Authority.

  • Acquisition and disposal of assets. Tony provides expert advice on commercial transactions when selling or acquiring a liquor licence; undertaking due diligence reports; and the drafting of special conditions for leases, contracts for sale or security documents, such as charges or leases.

  • Gaming related matters including sales, acquisitions, associated operational matters and the preparation of local impact assessments.