Bottleshop Operators

Where it is proposed to sell take away liquor through either a bottleshop or through a home delivery, mail order or the internet, the most appropriate liquor license is a packaged liquor licence. A packaged liquor licence permits the sale or supply of packaged liquor to the public for consumption off the licensed premises.   Tastings are permitted to be conducted on the licensed premises with or without charge.

We can assist you with:

  • New grant or removal Applications

  • Internet liquor licences

  • Community Impact Statements

  • Changes to the mandatory 6-hour closure period

  • Extended Trading Authorisations

  • Compliance concerns

  • Temporary premises

  • Change of licensed area

  • Revocation/variation of conditions of licences

  • Lease, purchase or sale of assets

  • Alleged breaches of the Liquor Act (including advice concerning “strikes”)

  • Disputes, complaints, noise or disciplinary issues