Liquor and Gaming

There are 7 categories of liquor licences in NSW as follows:-

  • On-premises

  • Hotel (includes general bar)

  • Small Bar

  • Club

  • Packaged liquor licence

  • Producer/wholesaler licence

  • Limited licence

A liquor licence (such as an on-premises licence) can be tailored to meet an operator’s individual needs.  The majority of all restaurant and small cafes operators will be interested in obtaining an on-premises licence. Multiple business activities can be assigned to this type of liquor licence giving the operator greater flexibility with their business operations. Through authorisations endorsed on an on-premises licence, the sale of liquor can occur both at the licensed premises as well as away from those premises to cater for off-site functions and events.

Whilst there are also the traditional hotel or club licences, a hotel general bar licence is a popular alternative for some businesses. This type of licence is similar to a hotel licence, but it prohibits the operator from selling takeaway packaged liquor and providing gaming facilities. Small bar licences are also proving to be very popular. If you are interested in operating a bar where the patron capacity is 100 patrons or less then this may be the liquor licence for you.

Packaged liquor licences apply to liquor stores selling takeaway alcohol only. A packaged liquor licence can also be limited to taking orders over the telephone, facsimile, mail order or through an internet site. The use of emails to make liquor sales falls under the category of an “internet site”.

Producer/wholesaler licences apply to wine producers, brewers, distillers, and wholesalers. The licence allows wholesalers to sell to other liquor licensees. Finally, a limited licence allows alcohol sales for consumption on the licensed premises at a function, special event or trade fair.

Our promise to you is to ensure that you obtain the right liquor licence in the shortest amount of time and with the least difficulties.

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